Keywords- Partners, soul mates, friendship, new partnership.


This card appears with two figures coming close to each other and offering each other a cup, there is an angel in between them with a lions face, and the caduceus symbol. They both have tiara worn on their heads, one of flower and other of leaves; as flower and leaves cannot be separate they are part of the same plant same way these two people are like one soul two bodies. There is a house seen in distance also meaning stable family life or building up a new family.


This card shows a new relationship beginning, love relationship that where there in immense exchange of affection and care. This new relation is a gift from the divine and your relationship is protected from all odds.

This card also shows a new friendship budding or a new business partnership that is not just professional but the two people involved are emotionally bonded to each other. The pic shows a male and a female but reality might also show relationship between either two males or females who might be good friends or business partners.

The relationship that might be flowering might be either of lovers, or love between family members, friends, colleagues. It can also show accidentally bumping into someone strange to you yet you would develop an affectionate relationship.

This also shows giving and receiving of love or any gifts in a loving relationship.

The card also is a sign of balance and harmony entering into your life. The male and female forces flowing into our body, the yin/yang is balanced as signified by this card. Which brings good health physically, mentally and spiritually.

The two people are also shown standing at quite a distance, this shows that this maybe the beginning of any relationship where the two people haven’t yet developed the comfort level for each other, the ice is not yet broken. Yet their feelings are deep and wish to share their deepest felt feelings with each other.

The house in the background signifies an addition of a member to your family, perhaps you or your kids might have found a life partner. Or it may also signify you to start thinking in this direction.


The reversed of the two of cups card shows that there maybe distance between two people who are ought to come closer. Perhaps a relationship that is forcefully built or built because of compromise is not not letting these two people gel with each other well.

This card also might signify the beginning of distance forming in an important relationship. You might have to give yourself time for this relationship. Perhaps not giving time and attention to it is making this happen. This relationship can be between anyone your partner, family, friends, or business partners.

The caduceus being the symbol of healing when appears reverse in this card shows that there nay not be proper healing happening mentally, physically or spiritually. This may take time. Healing is slow. You might be making yourself of devoid of love in some way which is not allowing yourself to heal. Your soul needs love to help let flow the love energy into your body so that it heals quickly. Perhaps your relationship not working might prolonging your illness or affecting your health.

This also shows conflicts in a family, two people may not be on good terms with each other and this might be resulting into problems within family. Disharmony, imbalance and tipping of the scales too much on one side leading to feeling love-less, sad, traumatic.

10 of cups

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