Ruled by Gemini

Keywords- Love, romance, dreams come true, follow your heart


This card appears with two figure male and female looking at each other, they are nude and the enitre scene of pic shows that they are lovers eternal soul mates meant for each other and have met today. There is a huge angel in the background with large spread wings giving a message that the God or the Angels have made this relationship happen and they will protect and nurture the love of the Lovers. There is a tree in the background of the female with ripe fruits showing her fertility aspect at the same time has a serpent coiled on the trunk warning the male not to get too much attracted to the maya inducing beauty. The male too has a tree in background that shows its on fire showing the passionate desire of man.

The sun shines brightly above the two of them, shows the freshness and positive energy coming into their life through their relationship. The light also appears like a blast and through which the angel has appeared giving us a sign of miracle happening out of the blue.

The cloud in between shows the angel coming out of nowhere, which shows life is very uncertain and unpredictable, miracles happen at every step in our lives.

Meaning –

The lovers card as the pic shows, first of all suggests that there is romance entering soon in your life; if you are a male then you will find a potential female or if you are a female you will find your dream man soon. If the question is regarding an existing relationship then know for sure that this card signifies that the lovers are soul mates and its and eternal pair bonded by angels or eternal pair bonded from heaven met on earth kind.

This card not only shows love relationship but also loving and affectionate relationship with friends or with some members of the family. Relationship that is signified by the Lovers is notified in the following cards that are in the reading after the lovers. There maybe any court cards or any major arcana card that may signify a person in the querents life. The love and affection followed by the Lovers card is eternal the relationship that is been talked about is ofcourse a Loving one and also one gifet by the Angels which cannot fade. See for necessary clues to maintain the relationship in cards ahead of this.

This card may also show self-love developing, perhaps you might be in love with yourself as life is getting easy or you are doing things your heart suggests. Pamper yourself and your body with things you like, give yourself a nice treat to a parlour or a meditation retreat to nurture your soul.

Or this lovers can be a Love for your career or your dream job that has just been fulfilled. When this appears in a career spread then the querents dream career is on his way, or maybe the cards might be telling him to choose a path that is dear to him.


The Lovers reversed shows that there might be problems is relationship, either one of the partners may be cheating or the relationship is on the verge of breaking. It may also show problems in relationships other then that of lovers; friendships, family, relationship at office, or with relatives would be going sour for some time. The outcome or solution maybe shown in following cards after this card.

The reverse of Lovers is anything that goes against your heart, you may be engulfed into life where it is not getting easy, getting love-less perhaps you are not on the right path.

Career wise this card may sound tough, you may not get work of your choice for sometime or maybe before you get into your dream job you would need to pass through this non-dream job due to some reasons. You may feel you are stuck in the wrong-job. Or people on the job place might be getting difficut that may make you hate your workplace.

The lovers card may on a deeper level signify that the love for one’s self needs to be developed, there are many times in our lives that are tough and when we create mistakes, or our actions are such where we are humiliated at such times we usually start hating ourselves. The more intense the circumstance the more we develop hatred, embarrasment guilt etc feelings towards ourselves, life then starts getting difficult when doesn’t Love onesel’f; this card maybe pointing out to you to develop ”self-love” now as this will enable path of life be filled with love.

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