Keywords- joy, completeness, family happiness


The ten of cups card appears with a man and his wife as we can assume, there are two kids playing next to them. There are ten cups in the sky, there is a house in the background. The stream of water, as its a cups suit shows emotional flows here.

This couple is very happy with the kind of life they are having.


The ten of cups card shows balance, and harmony in your family life. You are deeply satisfied and joyful about the kind of bond each member of your family shares. A sense of well-being and security to have each other flows among every member of your family. This might have already started happening or is soon to happen to you.

This card also shows that you are about to enter into a family life of your own, this card might show a marriage. Moving into a house of your own with your spouse is also signified by this card, the literal signification of having a ‘family’. You might have started thinking lately to have a house of your own, this card acts as a green signal to put that thought into action.

This card also shows child birth, or it may show one more addition to your family.

This also shows a short vacation out with the family.

This card also might be a signal of dream fulfillment. This scene might be your dream to have a house by a river or seaside and two kids, and living happily with your partner and kids.


When reversed this card shows a disturbance or disharmony to a happily balanced family life. This might be minor or may cause major changes. Family members might not be wanting to stay below the same roof and family might split.

The ten of cups card also shows a family bonded together materialistically, but from within there maybe differences among people. If there are no differences then there maybe the lack of warmth in between members of the family.

This also shows a disharmony amongst people you love and care for having a disagreement on thoughts, this can be friends staying together or colleagues working under the same ‘roof’.

From a higher point of view this card could show your disharmony with your inner self, a turn away from your real home(your core being or God). This card reversed might show that with the amount of dissatisfaction you are observing right now you need to still keep faith in yourself and support yourself at this time.

10 of cups

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10 of cups

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