Keyword- save money/resources, possessiveness, holding on, greed, miser


This card shows a man seated with two pentacles pressed under his feet, one held carefully in his hands, and one over his head. This man also is wearing a crown, which shows his high monetary status and yet being too miserly. There are shown many buildings behind him.


The four of pentacles card means that you might be having ample of resources and are financially stable(signified bu the crown) and yet you hoard on your money and resources. Which is making you miserly and you are not moving any further then that(as he’s shown seated stable on the seat.)

This also shows that you are too possessive towards your belongings, also towards people you love. This might drive the people away from you as people don’t like it. Also this shows that you are too much with yourself, and you hardly open up shown by the folded hands across the chest; whole world with variety of people is waiting for you. You just need to go and embrace it.

This card also signifies that you might be having a lot of money or resources yet you need to hold on to them and use them wisely. There might be chances of getting them lost or squandered.

This card also shows greed for more, as this man sits in an anxious poise. He already has lot with him that is all around him And which actually he needs to hide or put carefully yet he is looking out anxiously to get more.

This card also says that when you meet people, you should not part with your belongings and be watchful for them.


When reversed this card shows that you need to protect your belongings which is not present in you. You might be very careless about your belongings, this may make you devoid of them. You might be having enough for yourself but you still dont have that much what we call abundance. And so be careful dealing with your belongings.

This card also shows no interest in life, a sense of disconnection which makes your grip loosen with all things that you are possessing. This might make you loose important things and people in your life. You need to wake up and catch hold of all things important to you.

This also shows that the money you had saved or insured might be in danger and there might be chances of loosing the money. This card can also point out to this situation in future and warn you to take action quickly.

This card also might signify not a good place for saving or investing money when you are building such plans and you find this card in your reading.

10 of cups

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