Ruled by- Capricorn

Keywords- Bonding, imprisonment, attachment, lust, greed


The Devil is the third phase of the Fool’s journey, where he has to develop his spiritual side for making his life a complete cycle and unite with the creator. So the first and foremost lesson on spiritual path is the cutting away of attachments which the devil here is shown holding.

The Devil shows a man and a woman tied up to a pole and the pole, and on the pole sits a huge devil. The Devil is half man and half goat; which is why it is associated to the Capricorn sign. The male and the female connected to the chain have their hands loose and can free themselves from their bondage whenever they want.

The two figures have horns on their heads signifying the devilish sides of our nature. They both have tails, the female’s tail has fruits at the end and the male’s has fire. It feels that the devil just set the fire to the male. The fire is in form of excessive passion, lust that the man would approach the fertile female with.

The devil is shown with bat-like wings that show us the theme of darkness. The devil brings out the dark side of our nature. He has huge horns like the horns of the goat. And his expression show that he is in control of the two beings. He males scary gestures just to keep things under his control.


The Devil shows the devilish side in us, the dark side in us that comes out unexpectedly at any time. It shows the needs, desires, lust that are usually ones which we need to bring under moderation.

It can show the attachment to too much of materialistic world and its pleasures. The devil may have controlled you fully, where you now feel captivated and find no way out. You may also be getting into too much sensual pleasures that at time you feel as if you are just a puppet to some outer creature and have no control over your senses. Addiction to some materials along with addiction to sexual pleasures is signified here.

The Devil card coming up in a reading means that you are fully under control of your devilish side and feel helpless. But remember the devil is only as big as you make it. It resides in each of us and can grow only if you feed it with its fodder. The goat wont won’t come to you if you stop feeding it. It might wander for few days around you expecting feed from you. Once it gets sure it will never bother you.

The face and expression of the Devil show that he is quite scary and demands us to stay in his control. But remember he also has wings, if you shoo him he will fly away.

The devil card is the fructifying of the Lovers card, the Lovers are here too much indulged into sensual pleasures. The Fool might be totally getting away with his senses.


The reverse of this card actually shows good signs to come extent depending on the other cards in the spread. First of all this card shows that you might have freed yourself from unwanted bondage, if you haven’t done so then you should do it now.

The Devil on the contrary also mean getting too much detachment from the sensual world. There might be a spiritual way that you might be heading to due to which you are putting away the materialistic desires to a halt. But don’t forget that attachment is a part of life, living on this planet wont be easy if you don’t accept the physical world in a physical body.

The two beings that were tied may have set themselves free. It may mean that the lovers surpassed the lustful desires and are moving ahead. But it may also show the lack of sensual pleasures in a couple’s life; which is leading them to set apart.

Also it shows that you may be very much balanced. You don’t get preyed under the devil’s trap disguised as sensual pleasures.

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