Keywords- opportunity to earn money, gaining money & resources


This card appears like a hand appearing magically from a cloud like other aces in the Tarot deck. This stands for manifestation of any wish into physical form, or an opportunity that has come up to bring your plans to fruition. Also the garden shows the beauty coming into your materialistic life.


Ace of Cups shows that you would be offered an opportunity that will help you to bring your plans or dreams into fruition. These plans can be anything emotional, financial, career wise or property wise. You will be offered an opportunity to help you manifest your those plans into reality. This might also mean that the opportunity at hand is the one that will work out. This card shows that your dreams or plans that you were working till now have now come true and your wish is manifested in reality. This can also be a sign to let you know that the plans you have in your mind need to be put into action for quick manifestation. The garden around ace of pentacles shows that your physical world or materialistic life is going to be beautiful. If you had problems in your materialistic life then this card promises an improvement in it. Also there is a path way shows coming into the garden, this might signify that you might get a way to make your physical world beautiful. Or if you already have some plan or idea then this might help you to make your world better. This card also directly shows money gain in your life, you might find money coming to you in a very unusual way. This might be a source that would give you the money or rather offer a helping hand if you need monetary help. This also shows a partnership at business, depicted by pentacle standing for ‘money gain’ through business partnership.


When reversed the ace of cups card means there is lack in money. You might also be lacking in resources that you need in day to day life. There also might be a need arising to borrow money from people. Additionally this shows loss of the resources you may have currently. Either due to their damage or a give away as need for money. This card also signifies that if you are wishing or planning for getting something into your life, then that may take a delay to manifest. Or it may not manifest at all as the wish might be superfluous, and maybe ill-planned or lacking planning. This also shows that opportunities that were coming your way have been delayed or taken on by someone else. This card also shows failure. It shows lack of resources, inconvenience, discomfort in materialistic life. The Ace of cups card also shows debt which is ongoing or which is forthcoming. You might have to fulfill them sooner then expected. Or a huge debt that is unexpected is coming your way. Physical world may appear awful and in chaos. Things might get filthy then what they were. Work on your Root Chakra to balance out this situation.

10 of cups

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10 of cups

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