Keywords- Love energy enters, new relationship, gift of love 


This card appears with a hand coming out of nowhere and offering a cup, the cups stand for relationships, love, healing, affection. There are five streams pouring out from the cup, and a bird is seen putting a coin with a cross mark on it, into the cup. There are lotuses in the pond below.


Ace of cups card means a new cup or emotional relationship is about to enter into your life. This can be a love relationship, a new affectionate friendship, a wish come true, or new love and affection energy pouring into existing relationship. This relationship can be between anyone, it can be within family members, friends, affectionate colleagues at work.

As this card is a card of love, and the cup is shown offered this card can also be an offering of love, ie birth of a new soul.

The appearing of this card shows that your life is about to change there is a new spark of love entering into your life. This would change your life completely.

This also shows a time in your life where you feel the need to give out your love the most. You would like to give your love through emotions, gestures, gifts, presents etc. But the more you give the more you would feel the need to give more. You are at your emotionally best at this time. Also if you are not giving out love or expressing love freely then the appearance of this card says that you need to do it at this point in your life.

Also if for long if you had been thinking of gifting your beloved/friend/family/other people with something then take this card as a signal to do it asap.

The card also signifies a new spark or motivation entering into your life resulting into speedy recovery from any illness.


When reversed this card shows a blockage of Love energy in your life. You are blocking love energy from entering into your life. This maybe perhaps you might have made past mistakes or seen failures in love relationship. And so now you try blocking out this energy so that you dont feel more hurt. But when this card is reversed it says that due to this attitude you are missing out something good in your life. You might be having really loving people around you who want to share their love with you. But you avoiding it is hurting them and driving them away. You need to forgive yourself for past mistakes and give yourself another chance to give and receive love in your life.

This card also shows that you might be wanting to get into a relationship with someone but there is delay in it or the other person isn’t ready for it right now. They might be into other relationship or may not be able to decide it for you.

There also might be problems in other relationships like between members of family, friends or between colleagues. Things wont be messy but still everything wont even feel right. Either you or other member might be having problems opening out.

You also might feel relationships that are just a formality, life would be feeling old and boring. No new spark or energy. Just old people, old routine and sometimes just formal exchanges of loving words and expressions.

10 of cups

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10 of cups

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